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Today the teacher asked me what I like most about you.

Guess what I said?


YOU KNOW how to talk to me when I don’t want to get off the swing and let another kid get on.

YOU KNOW how to look at me when I need to clean up my LEGO off the floor.

YOU KNOW how to be on my team when I don’t want salad at lunchtime.

And even if I shout, cry or say NO when you’d like to hear YES, you have a magic gift.

YOU UNDERSTAND that I’m not bad, or bratty, or stubborn.

I’m your child, and that’s why you don’t yell at me till you’re out of breath, you don’t send me to my room, you don’t threaten to leave if I don’t do whatever you want.

Because YOU KNOW how to see my soul through a mother’s lens, and you can see that I’m not trying to upset you. I just need to feel that I can make my own choices.

And that’s love, Mommy!”


Dear mother,

How would you like your child to say something like this to you after an ordinary day at school?

Maybe you’d be surprised, tear up, or grab them for a hug.

Perhaps you’d congratulate yourself and tell yourself you’ve done a good job.

But perhaps, more than anything, you would feel that

all your hard work has paid off.

Every sacrifice has paid off. Every struggle with yourself and with that small inner voice that said

“Can’t you see what a stubborn kid you’ve raised?”


“If you punish them, they’ll learn their lesson!”

It paid off because you don’t give in every time the child says “You’re a bad mom!” and slams the door.

It paid off to avoid negotiating about sweets, or for more time to draw, and therefore to avoid all the  power struggles between you.

It paid off to avoid resorting to those dysfunctional methods that you see other parents using, because even if they work in the short term,  they ultimately lead to unhappy children.

One of the most frequent questions people ask me about the All About Parenting program is this one:

“I’ve bought so many parenting books… Some of them I haven’t even read, others left me with more questions than answers… How do I know that this program isn’t just another waste of money, with techniques I’ll never use?“

I think you will find the answer to this question very quickly during the program.

Still, I can help you with the following information:

The good news is that for a whole year, the program gives you the opportunity to ask me any question you have about your relationship with your child.

Whether your child is snatching others’ toys, saying “No” to brushing their teeth, or constantly making a scene at daycare drop-off time, just write me in the program and I can guide you until you understand what to do.

You can’t do this when you’ve finished a book and have nobody to talk to.

The 10 chapters of the program are designed so that you can put the information you learn into daily use, and you don’t get stuck when you learn a new technique.

You only need to spend 15 minutes each day to get fast and useful instructions on rising above the challenges of a mother’s life.

If you join the program today, you only pay $49 and get immediate access to all the practical techniques that you can use with your child right away.

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Starting today, you can join over 43,000 parents in the All About Parenting program, and get a 50% reduction that is available only to parents who attended the online masterclass 3 Methods to Get Your Children to Listen.

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With love,
Antonia Sam


This is the last message I’m going to send about the 50% discount to which you’re entitled for attending the masterclass on getting children to cooperate.

I don’t want to pressure you, but I had to send you this message to make sure you have all the relevant information you need to access the program.

Click on the link below and, for $49 – an amount you might spend on a couple of toys – you can make an enormous change in your life, your home, and the future of your child.

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See you in the program!
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